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Welcome to the only used panties selling advice site presented from an independent perspective--free from intent to recruit to paid membership sites and affiliated corporate venues. I am a fiercely independent person and therefore used panty provider. The content on this site will reflect my bias of opinion based on this natural inclination as well as my years of experience as a panty provider. Below is the crash course for used panty selling newbies, but the entire expansive site can also help the novice panty seller! Feel free to view my Sell Used Panties Success story and follow me on Twitter to ask questions or provide your own input.


There are many articles within this sell used panties advice site, but this section is for those who are brand new to selling used panties online, have no idea where to begin in order to sell used panties, and like the thought of being independent. It's a summary of a suggested order to go about beginning a journey as a panty seller.

Step 1: Determining if Selling Used Panties Right for You
There are a few myths associated with selling used panties online. Learn what making money selling used panties might really entail, and how you might gauge whether or not you have the time to sell used panties, as these are important things to consider before you sell used panties. Also, consider potential selling used panties bandwagon effects as they most certainly exist and could affect your ability to remain sovereign and anonymous. As a used panties seller who is ultimately concerned about providing a meaningful experience to your buyers, you ought not be fearful about being seen as anything other than your ethical self—by yourself.

Step 2: Finding Ways to Get Paid for Your Used Panties
How are you going to get paid for selling used panties? With very little research you will see that other ladies who sell used panties have a wide variety of means by which they do so. A lot of women choose to accept blank money orders or cash for used panties, which offers the highest degree of anonymity but requires use of a PO box. A lot of used panties sellers use pre-paid debit cards (i.e. Payoneer and Green Dot) which restrict private information from being shown to buyers. Virtual gift cards (i.e. Amazon and GiftRocket) are also used by a lot of ladies who sell their used panties online. Few providers accept direct transfers via Western Union. Some ladies are experimenting with use of (somewhat controversial) online currencies such as bitcoin and litecoin. It should be noted that Paypal is not used panties friendly, nor is Venmo, Payza, Wepay—but a good number of used panty sellers attempt to use them anyway. Also note that many companies involved with the exchange/storage of money might ask for A LOT of personal information—as specified by international banking standards and regulations (research Know Your Customer (and thank globalization)). See all used panty payment posts.

Step 3: Taking Photos of Yourself in Your Used Panties
Your used panties listings will most certainly be more successful if you have associated photos to show people and it is important for you to have a decent-sized collection started prior to putting them on a site! There are so many ways in which you can take used panty selling photos these days and the chances are good that you are familiar with what you already have, but at least begin taking into account photo composition—maybe aspire…a little. There are a lot of ladies who sell used panties to differentiate yourself from and compete against. Most take photos of themselves in the items—which is highly recommended because 1) men are visual creatures and 2) you only have so many seconds to capture someone’s attention and if you aren’t successful then they will move on to something that does! Most of the time, photos are taken at sizes that are not needed for digital display and often times there are limits to uploaded file sizes. If you are not already schooled on image dimension and file size, you can easily decrease them using MS Paint. If you don’t want people posting (stealing) your panty photos without attribution to you, you can also use the program to watermark your images. Hopefully, this glossary of photo terms is useful for a novice lady selling used panties. See the entire panty photography category for more used panty selling advice. You can then determine how much to sell your used panties for.

Step 4: Building Your Own Used Panties Selling Site
If you are brand new to the adult online realm, having your own used panties selling site to make direct sales from provides a foundation of becoming and remaining an independent provider of worn attire and, should the need arise, you can add other adult services to it later. For aspiring used panties sellers who have already established an adult online persona (ie. cam girls, dominatrix, porn stars…) and are already using social media frequently, you may simply begin offering used panties to your followers. However, having a website to show all of the items you have at one time can be most beneficial to you and potential used panties buyers. With the help of a video tutorial, you can build a panty selling site with WordPress or find other free used panty-friendly webhost platforms. Be aware of free website building options that are not suited for selling used panties. One you take the time and energy to build a used panties selling website, your focus should be to drive traffic to it—without compromising your hard work! If you plan on link exchanging with other used panty sellers/sites then you may want to become aware of the common pitfalls of doing so—such as leading people away from your site literally seconds after they arrive. Read more about building used panty selling sites.

Step 5: Networking and Promoting Your Used Panty Selling Website
If done carefully and sparingly, link exchanging can provide a little boost of traffic to your site but there are far more effective strategies in increasing exposure of it…and yourself. Potential used panties buyers want to get to know sellers, period. Social media can work well for self-promotion—if done correctly and consistently. Using Twitter for used panties promotion, specifically, is recommended. Youtube can be a valuable self-promotion tool as well. When on social sites…socialize and practice good etiquette. People tend to ignore spam or repetition from people and places, so it’s recommended that you weave very few used panties ads in with conversational posts.
Adhering to terms of use, you may also use used panties auctioning or sales venues and other panty promotional sites to reach potential buyers with the intent of encouraging direct sales from (and directing traffic to) your own website—not the other way around! Posting third party links on your own site, even if it’s to your own profile within a pile of other sellers, is not recommended. Alternately, should you not want to be an independent panty seller, you could just solely bounce back and forth trying to gain interest in yourself and determining the best place to sell used panties. Read more about selling used panties promotions. To be noted, though, in order to be successful at selling used panties you are going to have to PROACTIVELY take care of your buyers from the very beginning!

Step 6: Relating to Used Panties Buyers
In the used panty selling realm, what matters most is your direct relationship with your used panty buyers and the service that you provide them. New sellers often wish to learn how to prepare the best used panties possible and to address that a dirty, used panty scent zones diagram and explanation has been devised. While trying to gain exposure, you may encounter true time wasters but sometimes such intentions can be hard to discern. As previously mentioned, potential used panties buyers typically want to take the time to get to know used panties sellers before they buy anything. Along with sharing as much as yourself as possible, in written and visual form, concise used panties listings and correspondence, are highly effective communication tools that help buyers and sellers alike. Communicating with your buyers and exercising a little quality control help you determine how long to wear used panties for. The need for used panties sellers to become verified by (be dependent on) a paid third party is completely overblown and absolutely can be seen as a waste of time and money! Most used panties buyers are turned off by, and by no means are reliant upon, having any sort of intermediary or governing entity involved. Determine whether or not you are independently capable of proving that you are real by letting your used panty buyers verify you or if you want to depend on paying someone to sniff your panties and resolve conflicts for you. Please, also feel free to view my Sell Used Panties Success Story, as it very much relates to this facet of panty selling, and view the entire panty buyer relations category.
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