Selling Dirty Panties 101

Discreetly Packaging Your Dirty Panties

Used panty buyers might have their own preferences as to how they would like to have their dirty panties packaged, but it is advisable to come up with a default method to use as a point of reference. It would make sense that a panty seller must be able to communicate it to those who buy used panties, and be as flexible as possible should someone request otherwise.

For an example of how your used panty packaging can be explained and what discreet packaging means, you might want to look at what other sellers do on their websites. Notice how they are willing to appease any requests otherwise to suggested default methods of shipping their used panties. A lot of other sellers explain in such a manner.

For the most part, discreet seems to indicate that the dirty panty package will look on the outside as others do that are sent from entities who do not offer adult items. A package could be personalized on the inside, but give no evidence that it contains something special of an adult panty fetish nature on the outside. A plain manila envelope is one option in discreetly packaging used panties.

There are plain envelopes and boxes in more than a few pre-defined shapes and sizes. The more rigid boxes prevent someone from feeling out what might be inside. Making it look like something it is not could be a crafty choice, such as is the case with a video box.

Also, you could look into ways to use typeset rather than handwriting. :) For a professional, impersonal appearance you may opt for printing labels out, if you have a computer program such as MS Word or Excel and a printer.

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