Selling Dirty Panties 101

Preserving Your Dirty Panty Gusset


preserving dirty panty gussetBefore sending panties in the mail you will need to come up with a way to preserve the scent. That aromatic dirty panty gusset makes those who buy used panties happy, and is one of the reasons that they return for more.

First of all, consider wrapping a piece of wax paper around the gusset of your dirty panties. No matter how the panties are folded and packaged, the good stuff stays in place.

Some sellers use plastic storage bags for their dirty panty preserving. Ziplock freezer bags are made of very thick, durable plastic. Two, of course, might be better at preserving the aromatic state of your dirty panties. You can suck all of the air out of them.

Some used panty buyers prefer their panties to be vacuum sealed, which can be great at eliminating air from the package, but other buyers will argue that it does so too well. When all of the air is sucked out, the panties can be smashed in such a way that the juice and scent deposited on the dirty gusset spreads to other parts of the panties. It might still be worth the effort to obtain a vacuum sealer, so that you can accommodate such requests. Try looking in classifieds and going to yard sales for a used machine.

Not only can these two methods be used in preserving dirty panty scent, they can also keep in important moisture. Noteworthy in deciding how moist you want the dirty panties to be inside of the package is the climate where the person who bought them lives, and/or what time of year you are sending them. Moisture, lack of oxygen and heat do not always combine well. Sometimes used panty packages get hot while in transit. If this might be the case then you might want to dry the panties for a couple of hours before packaging.

Any dry pair of used panties can be revamped by being in room with a hot shower on.

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