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Making Lots of Money Selling Used Panties


make money selling used pantiesCan someone make lots of money if they sell used panties?
A short answer would be: that depends on what ‘a lot’ would mean to whomever is asking the question. Are you looking to pad your purse a bit, or replace a 9 – 5 job for selling used panties?

You might have ended up on this post because you think that want to…make a lot of money in general, and wonder if selling used panties might be right for you. Let me begin this by explaining that some panty sellers have switched to solely selling domination services later on in their ‘careers’, as supposedly there’s a lot of money to be made in it. If making lots of money is something you desire, then you might want to consider skipping panty selling altogether and explore whether or not you want to fulfill the Domme fantasy for others. Also, there have been panty sellers who’ve taken to camming in their later days online, eliminating the panty selling component of their offerings. It could be a lot easier and more profitable to sell shows and videos than depend on your one vagina’s ability to deposit nectar–one panty at a time. If you appreciate the personal, naughty aspects of selling panties then this might not matter much to you. Please, feel free to view my Sell Used Panties Success story, as it very much relates to this facet of panty selling.

You only have one vagina to dirty panties with, hopefully, so there is a ceiling to the amount that can be worn, and therefore sold, over a long period of time. If you simply sell used panties, nothing else, then of course there are business factors to consider–such as income, certain expenses, and how long you will wear them. New used panty sellers begin with an inventory but after all of the old pairs are gone, or maybe no interest is being shown in the ones already purchased, they are going to have to buy more used panties to sell.

Here is one hypothetical, ongoing 24 hour wear panty-scenario: sold for $20; purchased for $6, postage and supplies totaling $3.00. This translates to a profit of $11 ($20 – $9) per pair.

If you can dirty panties for 27 days within a given month, assuming you have the buyer base to do so, then you’d be netting around $297 per month. Is that a lot? :)

What other expenses could you incur selling used panties that might subtract from that $297 monthly gross profit? Membership or used panty auction sites, webhosting for personal panty selling sites, and online payment processors all involve fees. If you are not replacing panties consistently at the same cost (in this case $6), or you simply buy more than you are selling, then this too would cut down the amount of monthly profit in selling used panties, solely.

It might not be wise to think that you can create enough income to replace monthly wages at a ‘real’ job by selling used panties, but if you are attracted to the thought of the exchange itself–or perhaps showing yourself off–then you might want to look into panty selling for supplemental income.

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