Selling Dirty Panties 101

How Much to Sell Used Panties for?


You might have already started questioning how much money to sell used panties for, regardless of whether or not you are already on an auction/selling site or have a website of your own to sell used panties from. Often this question comes up in the initial phases of determining whether or not you want to begin selling panties, and if you’ll be making lots of money selling dirty panties.

It is first suggested that you take a look around at other ladies who sell used panties, and what their prices are. It is alright to be somewhat of a stalker while researching what to sell used panties for (just try not to copy too much of their content or you’ll make some enemies). If you are on an auction site, it might not be best to gauge using ladies who already have a solid following of panty buyers, but perhaps newer sellers who seem to be doing alright and are getting sales. Look at what price they begin their panty listings at. It might be hard to determine what increments they’ve set their bidding at, though. A decent range seems to be $1 to $3. $5 (or anything over that), could discourage bidding for even the more refined panty sellers.

Say that you are to sell used panties on a site other than your own which does not have a bidding structure, but provides more of a storefront format where you set the final purchase price. The same recommendation for auctions applies here, in that it might be wise to research what other newer, seemingly successful sellers might list as their panty prices on that particular site. They might be far different than you in style, and perhaps provide different panties, but it is a great baseline to start with.

Having your own personal site to sell used panties from is similar in nature, only you’ll be utilizing search engines or link exchange listings on the sites of other sellers to do your research. In this case, it might be harder to tell how successful or ‘new’ a particular panty seller might be. Try averaging out all of the examples that you see to determine your own prices, taking into account what sellers might be including in their prices in addition to the panties they sell (i.e. pics, videos, shipping, length of wear). Try to be a little competitive without selling yourself short. Pay no mind to catty ramblings from other sellers about them being out-competed by ladies who sell their panties at lower prices, because whether or not a panty seller is successful also has a lot to do with whether or not their character, appearance, and services are desired by buyers. On the flip side, high-balling your listings as a newbie–no matter what you look, act or service like–might chase away potential buyers. This is why, again, an average of what you see, in comparison to what you’ll be giving, might be the best way to start out.

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