Selling Dirty Panties 101

My (@InMyUsedPanties) Success in Selling Used Panties


I decided to sell my used panties in 2008, and made a video tribute around this time last year celebrating my success in selling used panties. Exclusivity has been a marker in determining my success as a panty seller, but I have also very much embraced the entire journey–which is not over, really. This Sell Used Panties Success story could very much be expanded upon, so I figured that I’d do that here! The main factors that I believe contributed to my success are:

  • my service
  • my product
  • lack of paid third party verification/mediation site membership

  • If my overall service and product were poor, then patrons would not return–as is the case in any other ‘consumer-driven’ market. :) It’s a simple fact that also applies to panty selling. The pool of panty patrons is only so big, and interested people return where they feel they are taken care of. As explained in the video, I see myself as being more of a nurturer rather than a business woman. I am certain that patrons can sense this. If I lived my life based on ‘business decisions’ then patrons might see me as being more…robotic and far less personable, I believe. Doing what I say I am going to do, when I say that I will, in the manner promised (and more) is still a nurturing component to selling used panties–to me–because such an exchange is very personal by nature. If I were a bad apple in any way, then…I would not be here to type this today.

    As explained in the video, I believe that lack of paid third party verification and mediation services has contributed greatly to my success in selling used panties. See, because I am very independent (in case you have not noticed), I had a hard time from early on melding well with the way certain sites were run and the mentality of the Administrators. I feel that I am a big girl and don’t much appreciate being told who I can associate with–what links can be put on a site that I own outright, where I may open a profile, and who my patrons can be. Unfortunately, panty sellers seeking paid verification and mediation services learn of such intentions after they’ve paid their fees, but I learned it beforehand during the verification process. Therefore, what resulted from me being disassociated from such sites and free from such restrictions was the ability to expand the breadth of my presence on the internet.

    As expansive as some may claim certain networks are, I became exclusive to a select pool of patrons without them–in a relatively short period of time. I truly believe that my independence, in addition to me simply wanting to nurture people (in such a naughty way!), has empowered me to be where I am today. Also, as an independent seller seeking to ultimately please others, I believe that outside mediation services are not needed. That takes care of itself, and if it did not then…I would not be here to type this today.

    But that’s just my own independent-minded two cents. :)

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