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The #DirtyPanties Boquet; Used Panty Scent Zones Tutorial


Ladies who are new to the scene and wishing to create the best used panties possible are welcome to learn from and use this information on their websites and social media channels. This diagram was created after seeing an intitail idea on reddit’s PantySelling subreddit and consultations with several panty sniffing friends. It depicts the scent zones of an average ‘normal wear’ panty–meaning no special requests such as added crimson, beige, or golden stains have been made. Depending on where you are at in your cycle, the scent in these zones will begin to magnify significantly after about two to three days of wear and become intense around the fourth. While scent may vary slightly per woman, these descriptions are a great baseline in which to gauge aromatic zones. Sniffing your own used panties helps you better understand how your body best relates to this diagram. You can then reference this as a communication tool when arranging to wear for buyers.

used panty scent zones

Understanding the Scent Zones

Zone 1 is the frontal seam of the gusset that comes in contact with the clitoris and vulva. When whitish/yellowish markings are present, there tends to be the strongest scent. This tends to occur from various degrees of clitoral stimulation, be it intentional or not. The scent typically has a high, sharp note to it. Sometimes, it can have a white peppery aroma that can be felt ‘high in the head’. Gentle perspiration delivers an icing-on-the-cake sort of effect, as the vulva can be highly aromatic when warmed up a bit. An intense work out will render the area nearly scentless, however.

Zone 2 is the center of the gusset, where the vaginal opening (vestibule) is located and the most moisture (discharge) occurs. It typically has a more mellow, sweet detectable scent than the other zones but can be the visual epicenter of a dirty panty…for obvious reasons. The more that you keep your body hydrated, the more this area will be covered. Panty stuffing can deposit the most moisture onto this area, but it is recommended that you do so upon first putting panties on to allow the more obvious scents to be layered on top. The pheromone-laden moisture within a vagina is something that the subconscious responds well to but has rather subtle, scent. So, stuffing before wearing the panties delivers the best of both worlds. :)

Zone 3 is the rear portion of the crotch and can often extend beyond the sewn-in gusset (depending on the panties). This tends to be the zone favored by the refined panty sniffers–and not so much as a result of the panties rubbing directly upon the anus. It goes far beyond smelling like fecal matter, as it is in this region of the body that all land mammals (including humans) have what’s called the apocrine gland. Evolutionary biology suggests that this area communicates readiness for mating as well as overall health. It has a deep musky smell that is still very sweet but with low notes. Sniffers feel it deep in their chest as well as up high in their head. On hot or muggy days, a woman slowly perspires in this area, which intensifies the aromas within the zone. So, if you want to hit the chest and head of your buyer hard, mimic such conditions! Some panties nestle into this region better than others. If a buyer communicates that he favors this zone the most, you can hasten the aroma depositing phenomena by rubbing the panties into the area above the anus, between the crease of the two cheeks.

Not all buyers like heavy scent in all zones, however. For example, a newer ‘sniffer’ (or one whose developed a ‘fetish’ more for you and simply wants a sample of your essence) might be overwhelmed by a pair worn for three days that has been stuffed and gently perspired in.

Ask your buyers which used panties zones they are the most fond of and how experienced they are at sniffing panties. This, coupled with knowing how your body produces scent, will better enable you to prepare the perfect pair for them.

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  1. A guy05-21-2014

    I very much appreciate your website. It’s nice to read to better understand my own enjoyment of worn panties. Also, thanks B for your input. All very interesting and makes sense as well as verifies some things I’ve always felt to be true.


    • Amber Fellows05-23-2014

      Thank you, A guy. I enjoyed this, too!

  2. B05-16-2014

    While I am not a panty buyer (rather harvest on my own) I am endlessly fascinated by the kinkier side, bathroom habits and all things exhibitionist. But your advice to panty sellers is just precious…and you are quite hot as well.

    I am also a microbiologist and bioinformatics/genomics Ph.D. and can augment some of the science here, particularly in that very special zone 3. As you point out Humans produce a panoply of pheromones and they are concentrated in the various excreta of the anus. While it is distinctly different than feces it all mixes together and you do push out quite a lot of pheromone cocktail when you poop. But, the pheromones have a very persistent oily substrate that is not easily wiped or even washed away…hence the ever present anal aroma and strong desire by men to sniff booty.

    The fascinating thing is what happens when these compounds volatilize when exposed to air. This is something everyone experiences. Stick your finger in your anus (or any willing partner) and the initial sniff tends to be mostly fecal. However within 15 minutes it dramatically changes and will continue to as the pheromones open up. Then it becomes very sweet and musky. This has a very powerful effect on men (and women too).

    Older lap dancers who have been around the block will tell you a trick that goes back to the old bordellos of Paris – they will dip their fingers into their ass and lightly rub essence behind their ears and cleavage an hour before performing…the best perfume.

    Anyway Amber – cheers and keep up the great work – bet your zone 3 is just yummy.



    • Amber Fellows05-20-2014

      What a fascinating post, B! Thank you for taking the time to write it. I do my best to generate a lot of scent in Zone 3, although sometimes Zone 1 overpowers it. I’d love to learn more–especially about Zone 3–if you don’t mind…. :)

      • B05-21-2014

        Now, for that most luscious of topics, Zone 3 – your brilliant (and delicate) moniker for the most primal of acts: butt sniffing. Booty aroma is an important part of our evolutionary history. As you point out it is a method of identification and more importantly marking territory. Many animals will define the boundaries of their hunting territory with deposits of urine, feces and various other bodily fluids. Females become especially fragrant during estrus – those fertile days…it is a potent attractor. Despite Americans’ obsession with washing every scent away, our bodies just keep producing them and we keep trying to deny their positive qualities. What is most men and woman’s favorite sex position? Doggie style – FDAU. And this position sends Pheromones directly up the nostrils of the giver, especially in the rapid breathing associated with sex. What do we want to smell during that act? Not Chanel #5. We want true essence of Amber. Well real men do.

        Why are you in business selling panties? because your buyers have been denied all the the goodness nature makes them crave. Even if they are in a relationship, their SO probably obsessively wipes, swipes, scrapes and baby wipes away every bit of matter out of their cracks for fear of losing that “fresh feeling” and offending someone’s modern sensibility. Sheesh!

        As for experimenting with the fragrance produced by your ass, you should and it will turn you on. As a normal course of my sexual adventures my fingers are an important tool. And they are always getting fragrant and I have often put my fingers that have been in my partners ass right under their nose right as they are edging toward orgasm and guess what happens…Kaboom!! Only once did a woman say: “oh yuck – take that away.” And that was our last date.

        I can happily educate you on the flora and fauna that inhabit your various tracts. You might be fascinated to know that a woman of your weight carries about 15 lbs. of bacteria within and you couldn’t live with out them. 98% of the DNA in your body isn’t yours! We are actually communities. You may have heard about our Microbiome and certainly about probiotics.

        I don’t think you are squeamish Amber so if you are game you will learn a lot by doing this experiment. Finger your ass right after a shower (enjoy the experience!) don’t wash and sniff every hour for 4 hours. Take notes. Then on another day. After you poop and do your normal wipe routine…same thing. Finger booty. You can dry wipe the finger off if you bump into anything residual but do not wash. Then same thing, sniff every hour – take notes. And then final experiment (if you are daring) when you have to poop but haven’t yet (sorry if I make you blush) poke…now in this case you will likely bump into a little turtle head but do not fear – it’s just a little poop. Same deal, wipe but do not wash. Sniff take notes. BTW I guarantee you will sniff far more than once an hour haha. I would be sniffing your fingers too. That stuff will make you a lot of money. It’s effects are irresistible. And remember it’s not poop it is a cocktail of pheromones and volatilized scents. It is also very sticky. We all have noticed at some point or another if you get some poop on you how hard it is to wash of the scent. That is Nature’s design! That is how we mark territory.

        Now how do you get those goodies amplified on your panties without being overpowered by Zone One and Two? I can tell you in next note if you like…I have to run some errands at the moment.

        I hope you find this educational and a little sexy and maybe I got you a little moist with my big (brain).

        • Amber Fellows05-22-2014

          You provide such wonderful insight on all of this, B, and I thank you once again for stopping by and taking the time to write so extensively. I am sure that it will help anyone who reads it. I may just have to do the experiment that you mention but will report back to you in private!

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